Trip Information

Full Day – $550 (about 8 hours)      Half Day – $400 (about 4½ hours)


I am dedicated to making your day on the water a memorable one. Before booking your trip, we’ll discuss your specific goals and I’ll outline the available options. Some anglers want big fish, some want numbers, some just want a good day on the water, and others simply to learn the when, where, & how. By understanding exactly what you want, I can design your trip to meet your specific needs. It’s much easier to meet expectations if I know precisely what your goals are. Trips are best suited for one to three anglers. Additional boats and guides can be arranged to accommodate groups and business outings. About expectations… When you call I’ll be honest about fishing and catching expectations. Fishing may not always be great, but I can guarantee that I’ll be straight with you about what’s happening out there. I’m a fishing guide, not a cowboy, so there’s no bull involved.

What should you bring?

Dress for the weather forecast and always dress warmer than you think. Layers are good, foul weather gear, sunglasses, sun screen, and a hat are recommended. Also bring whatever food & drinks you wish in your own cooler.

What’s provided?

Licenses, tackle, lures, flies, and all fishing equipment is provided for your use at no charge. You are also welcome to bring your own fishing gear if you wish.

Where do we meet & when?

Once your trip is confirmed, I’ll call you a day or two prior to the day to coordinate logistics and provide directions etc. I may recommend a start time but the trip will be run to meet your schedule so we’ll agree on a time when I call you.

May I keep fish?

Yes, within the legal season, size, and possession limits. If you wish to keep fish they will be placed in a live-well aboard the boat and you can transfer them to your cooler at the end of the day.

Looking to learn more or become a better angler?

I also offer “learning trips” for anglers who want to learn more about fishing locations, techniques, boat control, and using & interpreting their electronics. Book a day, bring a chart book, notepad, and GPS if you wish. We’ll focus on the area you are interested in, mark the chart with the prime locations, best time of year & tide, review & practice techniques, and learn how to properly setup and control the boat on structure. Many clients claim they learned more in one day doing this than in five years of fishing on their own.



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